Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vintage belt knife with aged Bone handle.

This is a recent custom that I completed in my shop.

Here are some specs on this knife.  The blade measured in
at about 6 inches long with a file worked spine.

The guard is hand forged, and handle was a hair under 5" with
some really nice aged bone.

Sheath was hand stitched and antiqued.

I have a couple new videos posted as well.
This one I made for fun, nice shot of the moon.

This is a continuing of the "ways to carry a knife part 2"

Thank you

ML Knives

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Woods and bush knife custom

Posted below is a recent custom order woods and bush knife
set.  This woods and bush knife was made with a scandi grind
and iron wood handle.  The pins as well as rear lined lanyard hole
are steel.  There is also a hand leather braided piece through the
Sheath is hand stitched and has a ferro loop for the custom made rod.

Thank you
ML Knives

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Deep Belly Spear Point More Pictures and Tooled leather work

Posted below are a some additional pictures of the
Deep belly Spear point recently sold from
my available  knives gallery 1

If you jumping here from an Internet search here is a
a little info on the knife.  This piece was forged from
1095 high carbon steel.  The pattern aged blade was
about 4.25 with a tiger maple handle.   The spine
has been beefed up at 3/16" thick and also was hand
(jimped) file worked.   If you click the above link and
scroll down to letter G you will see more info until a
new knife is posted in its place.  The sheath was
antiqued and hand stitched.

I also have a new page up an running on the website.  I posted the link below
the photo.

This page will be for any available leather work I have done.  Keep checking
as I will be adding new tooled and carved leather works.

Available Leather Pieces

Thank you
ML Knives

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vintage looking trail knife with aged Bone Handle..Leather work

First I want to Send my thoughts and prayers to all that were effected
by Hurricane Sandy.  I also want to thank all of you who sent me
emails and called with concerns and best wishes for me and my family
it is greatly appreciated.  We are all fine. The worse we had here upstate
in my area was high winds that knocked over a couple face cord
of wood.  Other than that we are fine.  Thank you again.

This week I wanted to post this beautiful custom order knife.
A design like this can handle many tasks and has a vintage
look and feel to it.

The blade is about 5 inches long with pattern and patina aging.
The handle is aged bone with plenty of character and has 3
larger sized brass pine.  The spine was beefed up at 3/16"
thick and has been hand file worked.

Sheath was antiqued and hand stitched and the custom ferro rod
was made from a piece of elk antler that was also aged.

If you have been following my work for some time you know I also hand stitch all of
my sheath's and all the tooling and line work is done by hand as well.

I will soon be adding a new page to the site with other leather items I make
as well.  I will post the info here when that is added.

Thank you
ML Knives