Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hand Jigged Hunting Skinner

The knife posted below is a custom order.
This is my "H7  Special Edition Hand Jigged
Hunting Skinner design".

The blade is about 3 7/8" long ahnd the handle
is hand jigged in my shop black horn.

Large brass pins and rear brass lined
lanyard hole.

The sheath is hand stitched antiqued in a
medium brown color.

Thank you
ML Knives

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Custom Bowie Knife with Osage

I made this bowie knife awhile back for a custom order and I don't think
I had ever  posted any pics or info.  This knife was made with a pattern
and patina aged blade about 9 to 9 1/4" long.  Forged steel guard and
a beautiful Osage handle with 5 brass pins.  This also has a
tapered forward clip/swedge.

A larger picture is posted here as well.

Past work page 1

A New Video Post as well.  Beefed up stag Drop Point.

IF You Love Bowie Knives, You may Enjoy this post as well. Custom Bowie Knife

Thank you
ML Knives

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Modified Kephart Fisher Custom

I have a Mid week update for you all to see.  This custom order
kephart fisher has no scaler on the spine..The blade is about 4
inches long patina aged. The handle is antiqued hickory with
three steel pins.  The spine is 3/32" and the belt sheath is
hand stitched antiqued medium brown.

Thank you

ML Knives

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Short Survivalist knife Customized and Military Insignia on Leather

About five or so posts ago I showed you look at
a mosaic pinned "customized" short survivalist.  I
have some more and info pictures here to show you.

This is a bit shorter than my standard short survivalist
overall I believe this is about 5 3/4" can also see
in the pictures the antiqued bone with Mosaic pins.

The Hand stitched sheath can be carried on the belt
or as a neck knife.

If you would like to see my survivalist knives and just
are passing through here is the link.
Special Order Page 3

I also have a New Video post.

Thank you very much

ML Knives

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kephart custom knife Set and a custom Dangler

I have a Mid week look at a set of custom kephart knives
for you.  Both were done with Tiger maple, brass pins
and lanyard holes.  Lots of forge pattern left on the blades
as requested.

custom sheaths were left off this photo but if you scroll down a bit
I added a picture of a custom dangler sheath I made recently
for an Osage kephart custom with a ferro loop.
The second sheath is my fold over style sheath.

If your new to my work blog or website and want to see more kephart knives
go to my.....
Kephart Gallery

More info on my sheaths, hand tooling on leather and more
go to.....

Thank you
ML Knives

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trio Of Stag Knives

Below I posted a picture of three Stag custom order knives.

To the far left is my Traditional Hunting Skinner with a lanyard.
blade about 3 1/2".  If your unfamiliar with this knife I have
more info on this page. Special Order Page 2

Center knife is from the stag carry knife post a few posts back
with a 2 5/8" blade.

The last one is the carry game knife
in the last post with a 2 3/4" blade. 

Thank you

ML Knives

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pocket Knives with a Fixed blade

Back in 2009 I wrote an article for my blog called.  "Pocket Knives don't have to fold"

This is the revised version.  Hope you all enjoy.

When most people now a days think of pocket knife they automatically think of a
folding knife or maybe a lock back folder, one might even thick of the auto knife
or what I call thumb open knives.

If you remember back as a kid your grandfather probably always had a pocket
knife that he carried, usually with a jigged bone handle that didn't lock. 
(the old school jack knife) Those were great knives weren't they? I had one for
a long time when I was a younger and it went with me everywhere.  Many still
carry this style knife.

There are other options for pocket knife carry though.  Small fixed blades such
as the knives shown below can be carried in your pocket, pack, neck knife carry,
shooting bag, or even on your belt and are very handy for all sorts of cutting and
slicing chores.  Besides you will also have the strength of a full tang knife.

Carry knife set up to wear on the belt with a blade about 2 3/4" long
handle of bocote.

Last chance carry knife

Carry game knife with stag handle..blade about 2 3/4"
Sheath set up for belt, but can also be slipped into a pocket
bag, or pack.

A fixed blade knife you can carry with you every where is great.

Thank you
ML Knives