Saturday, March 30, 2013

Horizontal Carry Kephart Knife

If you have been on my sheaths page on the website
you know I make some different style horizontal carry
knife sheaths.  The Horizontal carry below has 2 loops
that go around the sheath and be carried for right
or left hand draw.

Below was a custom order kephart knife with a tiger maple
handle.  Blade has both pattern aged and patina finish
with file work on the spine.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Custom Spear Point Knife

Recent custom knife work, of a beautiful spear point.

This knife was special ordered with a beefed up 3/16" spine
stag and (white liners).

The blade is pattern and patina aged and is about 5 inches
long with some nice file work.

Sheath was hand stitched.

I have a good collection of photos I have taken on hikes and woods
journeys here is another one.

Also If you would like to know or get a heads up when new knives are available
for sale in one of the available knife galleries It will not only be posted on the website
but will post it on twitter.   Will also post info and sneak peaks of in works photos
available leather pieces and more as I can.  The picture below will bring you to
the page.

thank you
Matt ML Knives

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Natural Sheath and aged Nessmuk

A recent custom order Nessmuk posted below.

This is one of my custom Nessmuks with a 3 pin antiqued stag handle
with pattern and patina aged blade.

Also requested was a natural colored (pancake style) sheath.
The only thing put on the sheath was a nice light coating of
my oil and beeswax mixture.  This sheath will age and patina
with naturally.

This knife if also posted on the NEW Updated PAST WORK 
EXTENDED Page.  You can see the new page by clicking
the link above and I will also post the link below.

Another Photo from a collection of pictures taken on back woods journeys.

Thank you
ML Knives


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Long frontier Knife Rawhide custom sheath

A long knife custom is this weeks post.

This knife not only has a nice frontier style but will handle many hard
working tasks.

The Patina aged  blade on this is about 9 inches long and just about 2"
wide at the widest point.  Spine is .25 thick

The handle is smoothed and antiqued elk stag with some custom carving
just before the aged brain tan leather wrapping at the forward portion.

The tang runs through the handle of the knife and is peened over a
hefty piece of .25 thick carbon steel.

The sheath was entirely stitched and aged by hand.  The outer portion
is aged deer skin rawhide with a hard core veg tan liner.  The vintage
trade beads were hung with rawhide.  This sheath was set up for a
left handed high ride set up and cross draw.

Thank you
ML Knives

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hudson Bay Camp Knife Custom

Recently completed custom work.

This is a variation, customized camp knife, sorta a cross
between a couple designs I have.

A  hand full with an extra large 5 plus inch aged
black walnut handle.  Brass pins over brass washers.

Blade is about 8 and has a nice heft to it.  You can see
by the photo a special initial and date was stamped on
the opposing side of my initial stamps.

A custom hand stitched high ride sheath was wanted
and well suited for a large knife.  Custom ferro rod was
also hand made and can be carried on the sheath.

Below a knife photo in black and white of a blade in the works on top one
of my antique anvils.  One day when time permits I will do a write up and
show a couple pics of this anvil.

Thank you
ML Knives