Monday, January 30, 2012

Reasons to keep your knife Sharp. A quick note.

Keeping a decent edge on your knife or maintaining a good sharp
blade is important for many reasons.

One of which is if you generally maintain your knife's edge on a regular
basis on a  water or oil stone the next time you need to use it as a
cutting tool your knife will be ready to perform for you.

All the better a carbon steel knife such as 1095 (the steel I use)
can be touched up very easily.  For example if your hunting in the back
country and you need to use your knife on game even though the steel
I use is very easy to re-sharpen your blade is ready for
action before hand.

Another point to add to the above.  If you keep your knife sharp with
say a medium grit stone the less work you will have to do to bring the
edge back to life.  For example.  If it has been a very long time since
you sharpened your knife and it is very dull the coarser the stone you will
need to start your sharpening process with.  If on the other hand you touch
your edge up once and awhile the easier it is to maintain.

Another good reason for maintaining a good edge.  A dull knife or a knife's
edge that needs a sharpening can become more dangerous that a blade with
a sharp edge.  If your blade is dull and you are exerting more force on the
knife or blade than needed, more chance for an accident with the knife.

Just some thoughts.

Thank you all for reading

ML Knives

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Carry Knife with Stag

This custom order knife is a great size for carrying everyday
as well as a game knife.   I am in the process of making a
neck sheath for it as well.

The blade size on this is about 2 5/8" with a file worked
jimped spine.  The handle is antiqued stag with brass
pins at about 3 3/8" long.

The blade is also pattern and patina aged and has enough
belly for skinning as well.

The belt sheath is hand stitched and antiqued in a medium
brown color.

I also posted a new video you might enjoy.

Thank you for reading.

ML Knives

Friday, January 27, 2012

Inside look at a custom knife in the works...Mosaic and Bone

Below is something I am currently working on for a custom order. 

Something about the look of antiqued bone that just adds allot
of character to a knife and thought I would give an early picture
of this one for you all to see.

When I get everything completed on this knife I will post some
more pictures and information up here.

Also I found a photo I took over the summer of the Aqueduct that runs over the Schoharie creek
here in upstate NY.  This whole area is very historic. 

Thank you
ML Knives

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hudson Bay Camp Knife with Stag

Awhile back I did a post on this Custom Hudson Bay Camp knife.
I thought I would put the pictures and info up here for you to see
as well as an additional picture of the spine.

This customized Knife has a blade about 7 inches long.
The handle is beautiful antiqued stag with brass pins over
brass washers.  The spine is about 3/16" thick.

The sheath is hand stitched and made to be worn high
and cross drawn right handed.

Thank you
ML Knives

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Old Favorite Tongs and a Kephart In action

Here is something I thought you would all enjoy seeing. 

This is a set of Tongs I forged awhile back and remain one
of my favorite tools in the shop.  They are beat and have seen
better days but are still holding up and do the job I need them to

Also The picture below was taken by Reuben Bolieu:   His Kephart knife  in action
making a fuzz stick or some call a feather stick / fire stick.  Whatever you want
to call it, Great Job.

Thank you
ML Knives

Monday, January 23, 2012

NEW Update on Past Knife work Extended Page and some update info

Ok as you can see below THIS POST  I have recovered some posts from the
previous postings through the years except the first 5 posts are newer. 
From here out all the posts will be new.

While I'm updating here I added a couple new knives to the Past Work
Extended Page.

The link to the page is here

Also for some of the posts I couldnt recover but here are a couple videos
from the Trail Fighter. 

Trail Fighter Knife Testing part 2 Killer Soda Cans Cutting

Thanks for reading

ML Knives

Hudson Bay Camp Knife with Trade Bead Cross

Originally Posted  on the June 12th, 2011

If you have passed by my blog more than once or my website
you have seen my personal Hudson bay camp knife. If not
I am posting a current picture of it below. It has aged
beautifully and looks as if it has passed through time.
I would also like to mention the trade bead silver cross in
the pictures. This was done for me by a nice gentleman
by the name of Kirk Preti of Good Medicine Beads. It is a
beautiful piece that I will be wearing everyday. The beads
are all original period and the finest I have seen. I will be
using all of his beads on any of the danglers or period pieces
that call for them in the future.
I am posting Kirk’s card below and on my link’s page of my website.

Thank you

ML Knives

Frontier belt knife custom

Originally Posted in on the May 22nd, 2011
The knife posted below was custom ordered. This is a
frontier style knife with a patina aged blade about
5 inches long. The handle is aged hickory with a tight
stitched rawhide leather wrap. The sheath was
custom stitched and aged as well. The core
has a hard veg tan liner with full welt, outside is
rawhide and brain tan leather with aged trade beads
tin cone and horse hair.

A knife such as this will serve a large period of time as well
as a very nice using knife.
I know many new visitors have been passing by here. If your
interested in seeing more of my past work I have past work
galleries located on my website.
also If you like some of the articles I have published
you can view a newer one here
Knife Sheaths of the early American Frontier
Thank you for reading
ML Knives

Custom Possible Hunting Shooting Bag

Originally Posted on the May 8th, 2011
This week I would like to show you a custom made
Possible bag from my shop.   This bag is similar
in design to the one I carry on my journeys in the woods.
Everything was hand stitched and all the leather is antiqued.
The button was made of antler.  One Inside Pocket.
This particular bag has a single solid strap.
If your new to my website or blog you can see
more examples of my bags on my past works pages
as well as on my possible hunting bags page

Happy Mothers day to all the moms out there.

Thank you very much
ML Knives

Red Oak a Beautiful Hard grained Handle

Originally Posted on the April 24th, 2011
Red oak is often overlooked when it comes to a handle material
for knives in general. I can tell you this wood is very durable
and hard and has a coarse grain texture to it. This wood
has been used for many years for furniture, flooring, bar
tops and more. You can see from the picture below
I finished this one with a light antiqued finish and it complements
the knife blade very well.

I also have a new video that you may have missed you can watch it
right on my blog below.

Here is another one that is older you may have missed.

Thank you for reading.
Have a happy Easter.
ML Knives

Custom Dagger with Ebony

Originally Posted on the April 17th, 2011
This week I wanted to show you this custom knife order.
The blade forged out at about 5 1/2″ long with a
beautiful medial ridge down the center or the blade.
Patina aged blade. Handle is about 5 inches long
and has a dark ebony with steel pins.
The sheath was hand stitched and set up to be
worn on the belt and was aged as well.
A great knife for the western shooter’s gun belt
or knife collection.

Thank you all for reading and following
my work, website and blog and articles.
Appreciated very much.

ML Knives

Trip to the woods

Originally Posted on the October 24th, 2010
Thank you all for reading very much appreciated.
This week I want to just share some pictures with you I took
recently while in the woods. These were taken here
in upstate NY. The last picture is a drop point
with a patina aged aged blade, bone stag and copper
with file work.

Thank you
ML Knives

Special Order Kephart Knife

Originally Posted on the August 15th, 2010
Here is a customized kephart that I had to post up here for
everyone to see. This is my standard kephart with a beefed
up 3/16 spine. The handle is carved stag buffalo horn and
has a very nice non slip grip. When completed this set up
will be horizontal style, with a ferro rod.

Thank you very much
ML Knives

Scagel style knife

Originally Posted on the July 18th, 2010
This is a custom ordered forged Scagel style knife that I thought
everyone would like to see. Leather stacked handle with silver
and red spacers with a whitetail antler back end. Of course
I left a small amount of forge pattern on the blade and finished
off the handle with a light antiqued look..

Thank you for reading
ML Knives

Spoon Carved, with carving knife

Originally Posted on the May 23rd, 2010
I had a chance to carve another spoon with one of my carving knives.
This time I carved from a section of maple from my wood pile.
You can check out this carving knife over on special order page 3

I also added a new firesteel to the same order page.
This is a coffin shaped fire steel, that can be set up
as neck wear or great for your shooting bag, hiking pack,
traditional firestarting with flint or ferro rod.

Thank you
ML Knives

Virginia Long Knife

Originally posted on October 25th, 2009

I have mentioned in older posts “The knife in Homespun America” being a great book. One knife I wanted to point out was one Mr. Grant referred to as the “Virginia Long Knife”. This knife saw service on the Ohio river Frontier and had a hand forged blade that was 9 1/4″ long. Being forged from an old file to me makes the knife even more unique as one just has to think of the history not only behind the knife but the tool that it started life as. The original piece had a handle made of hickory and a hand forged guard. Below I posted a picture of the original and one I made for a gent awhile back. I changed it a bit to make it my own, but still giving the look of the original.

Thank you
ML Knives

A Great Book on Knives

Originally posted on the April 26th, 2009
The Knife in Homespun America” by Madison Grant. If your not familiar with this book It is a great Read for those that love history and knives. The book has original pieces in it that range in date from the 1600’s into the 19th century. Most with history and info on each knife. The book also covers some shooting (possible bags), swords, folding knives. It will be easy to see by looking at some of the earliest design knives in this book where many of today’s designs originated from.

Thank you
ML Knives

Carry and Camp Knife ML Knives

Originally Posted on the March 22nd, 2009
I had a few minutes this week and with the warmer weather coming to grab one of my personal camp knives and use it for awhile. I have had this knife for years and it goes on most of my hunting, hiking outdoors trips. The knife is my hudson bay camp knife, with a double pinned aged walnut handle. Forged 1095 high carbon. I attached a small video clip link for all of you to enjoy.

Thank you
ML Knives

Tiger Maple on a forged knife

Originally Posted on the February 15th, 2009
Tiger Maple is a very beautiful wood. Also one of my favorites to use for handle material. It is often referred to as many different things such as. Flame Maple, fiddle back maple, figured maple, curly maple, fancy maple and so on. Personally I simply call it “Tiger Maple.”

No doubt this is a figured wood no matter how you look at it or call it. Tiger maple grows in a distinctive wave pattern. Although It is questioned by some what exactly causes this figure, it is not exactly clear what causes this effect in the wood but when tiger maple is cross cut a striping is exposed that is very nice.

This wood is very durable and has been used for many years in the making of many things. Through the years gun stocks, tomahawk handles, game calls, guitar body's, pool cues, and more have been made from this wood. During the 18th century large amounts of furniture left the shops of talented craftsmen produced from this wood.

thank you for reading
ML Knives

Patina, a beautiful thing

This post was originally done
on the February 3rd, 2009
Since my last post I mentioned I wanted to use this as a information place, to keep folks informed that may be new to custom knives or just trying to decide on what to order. Or you just love my knives. I often get asked about “patina” on one of my knives. What is patina? Actually patina is a form of oxidation. Controlled is the case with my “Patina and pattern aged blades.” Allot of people who love carbon steel blades find patina on a blade beautiful. I cant disagree, a patina blade to me is just beautiful.
Some like to patina there blades naturally, cutting high acidic foods, apples, potatoes, Mustard or however they choose to get this effect It does not only look very nice on a blade, but also forms sort of a protective coating on a carbon steel blade. Either way patina or no patina, a few drop of mineral oil on your blade and your good to go.
Thank you
ML Knives

The steel I use by Matt Lesniewski ML Knives

This post was originally done
 on the March 15th, 2009
When I started this blog I wanted it to be mostly a learning center for my work, and information on what I do. Thinking and Answering some of the questions I get from time to time, this is a great way of reference. So I wanted to talk a bit about the steel I use (mainly). 1095 high carbon.
On occasion I will use another high carbon steel other than 1095 such as 5160, L6, an antique file and so on. If I do make a knife form a steel other than 1095 It will be know on my website.
The reasons I use 1095 in my opinion it is a great hold up steel, I know how it acts, re-acts under the hammer and importantly I know how to heat treat it. Not to mention the ease of re-sharpening when need be in the field or at home. Don't forget about the beautiful patina this steel will acquire as well. I thank you for stopping by
ML Knives


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home Spun Butcher Knife and Mountain Man Leather art

This Post was done about a week ago.  A custom Order Homespun Butcher Knife
and Mountain man Original hand tooled line art on leather.

Thank you
ML Knives

The Indian Head Penny for my knives

The Indian Head Penny.  If your new to my website or just passing through my blog.
you might have noticed the Indian Head penny in my knife pics.  If your a long time reader and followed the posts on my old blog you already know about the penny I use it in all my knife photos.  This is my signature
in my knife pictures and my favorite coin. 
Thank you for reading.
ML Knives

Osage Carry Knife Custom

This is custom order Carry Knife I'm working for a set of knives.
The other being a kephart. Both will have this beautiful Osage with
brass pins and lanyard hole.  This one has a blade about 2 1/2" long
with a handle at about 4".

Also I added a New Video a closer look at the Belgium Blue sharpening stone.

Thank you
ML Knives

New ML Knives blog address

OK if you have followed my posts for years on my ML knives blog it has recently ALL
been lost.  Everything I posted from about 2009 until now has been wiped clean.

Sooo.  I am starting a new blog site with a new blog address so
if you have followed for years be sure to bookmark this new address.

You will also see the design change a bit until I get things straight
and I will also still be updating the blog weekly.

I will try to repost allot of what I had on before at first, (well as much as
I can remember)

Sorry for the confusion, but hopefully this new blogger site will be easier
for me to update as well.

Thank you as always

ML Knives