Sunday, April 27, 2014

Importance of a Good welted Knife Sheath

One of the main things when it comes to knife sheaths,
in my mind, is not only making a sheath that looks great
but is also functional. The most important aspect is a full
solid welt.

For all of you that already know what a welt is on a
sheath this may be a little redundant.  This is for new
readers, frequent readers of my blog, and visitors to
my website that are looking for information and tips.

A decent knife sheath shouldn't be a single piece
of light weight plastic or leather. Simply folding
over a piece of material, with a  few rivets or a
 small light weight line of stitching, can be risky.

This will only make the sheath and knife more
dangerous inside the sheath especially if your in
some back country, climbing a tree stand or
any outdoor venture.

A sharp knife blade can easily come through the
side of a sheath that has no welt. A sharp knife can
cut into flesh before you would even know it.

So basically a welt almost acts like a guard for
the blade.  The pic below shows the side shot of
one of my hand stitched sheaths with solid
8 to 9 ounce leather.  All of my sheaths have a full

Also posted below is some custom work recently completed.
This is one of my H7 Hand Jigged Hunting Skinner's.
This knife has hand jigged horn with large brass pins.
The sheath is in the process of being worked on.

Thank you very much for everything,
ML Knives

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Frontier Spear Point Knife with a custom Rawhide sheath

This is a recently completed custom piece.

The knife itself is a classic spear point design with a blade
over 4 inches long both with  pattern and patina aged finish.

The spine was hand file worked.

The handle is antiqued elk stag with a tight stitched forward
haft of vintage aged rawhide.

The sheath is one of my custom Frontier rawhide sheaths
with a hard veg tan liner.  The rawhide has been antiqued
and cross stitched and laced with vintage aged trade beads,
tin cones and horse hair.  The copper piece (dangler)
was also forged and shaped by hand.  This sheath can be
worn high and cross drawn.

Thank you
ML knives

Happy Easter.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Custom Vintage Style Carry Knife

Some recent custom work posted below.

This is a nice sized carry knife with a 2 plus inch pattern
and patina aged blade.

The handle is aged bone with a beautiful color.

The sheath was antiqued and hand stitched with some
custom tooling and carving on the face.

The entire knife has a very nice vintage look.

A New Video has just been uploaded as well. Some rawhide stitching and my 
beat up Hands!

Thank you
ML Knives

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Frontier style belt knife and tooled leather

This knife was a custom order based off of one of the
knives that was listed on Available Knives Gallery 1 of my

The design was based off of an original vintage belt knife
but this version has a beefed up 3/16" spine.

The handle is tiger maple with brass pins and the blade
is over 5 inches long with a pattern and patina aged finish.

The spine of this knife has also been file worked.

The sheath was hand stitched and antiqued.

If you missed seeing the last new tooled and carved
leather piece I had available I am posting one of the pics below.

I am thinking on making a video to give you all an idea of how
my tooling and leather creating is done.
A design like the one above started with a drawing on
Available leather Pieces

Thank you
ML Knives