Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Frontier style belt knife and tooled leather

This knife was a custom order based off of one of the
knives that was listed on Available Knives Gallery 1 of my

The design was based off of an original vintage belt knife
but this version has a beefed up 3/16" spine.

The handle is tiger maple with brass pins and the blade
is over 5 inches long with a pattern and patina aged finish.

The spine of this knife has also been file worked.

The sheath was hand stitched and antiqued.

If you missed seeing the last new tooled and carved
leather piece I had available I am posting one of the pics below.

I am thinking on making a video to give you all an idea of how
my tooling and leather creating is done.
A design like the one above started with a drawing on
Available leather Pieces

Thank you
ML Knives


  1. Hey Matt!
    I think a vid on how you do your leatherwork would be a great idea!