Sunday, February 16, 2014

Customized kephart fisher with 2 Sheaths

A recent custom order is posted below.

This is one of my kephart fishers with a blade
and handle that were customized to be a bit
smaller than I normally make.

The handle is black walnut with a lanyard

Two sheaths have been hand stitched.

One is one of my square pocket sheaths
the other is a horizontal, both in an antiqued
dark brown.

Thank you
ML Knives


  1. That's a really good looking walnut handle blade. Especially like the jimping along the blade spine. How thick is the steel ? Is that a flat grind or convex grind ?

    1. Thank you. The spine is actually a fish scaler and is worked free hand.
      These are 3/32" thick with a convex grind and secondary bevel.
      thanks again.


    2. That's a nice touch with a secondary bevel, not your typical bushcraft blade made by everyone else. That needs a steady hand - I have my own modified low budget belt grinder for touching up blades. Regards, Bryan