Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Set of custom Straight Back Knives for woodsman and Lovers of vintage Work

This weeks post I have a set of custom order Straight back
style knives to show you.

These were both made with blades about 5 inches in
length and have a beautiful patina on the blades.

The handles have a slight coffin style shape with brass
pins and brass rear lined lanyard hole.  These handles
were also lightly aged and are tiger maple.

Both of the sheath were hand stitched and are a darker
brown color.

Thank You
ML Knives


  1. Man I just love the patina on your blades. Looks great with the aged tiger maple too. I'm pretty sure that's the combination I would like to see on my own. Missed out on the cotton wood burl and knot grained hunting, skinner and field knife today. Another beautiful knife. I'm reading your Edge and Care book right now and was wondering will a patern aged blade end up looking like the patina in the knives above through time?

    1. Thanks Chris:
      I will get your order out and make the change. You want to go with the aged tiger maple as well?
      Appreciate you reading Edge and Care.
      Pattern aged and clean blades alike will patina with time and use, most will take on there own unique look depending on what one would be slicing or cutting with it.
      Thanks again.


  2. Yes sir Matt,
    Make the change, I can't remember what we had talked about last but that's what I would like to have. I'll email you.
    Thanks for the feedback.


    1. Hi Chris:

      Email sent. Thanks again.