Monday, January 30, 2012

Reasons to keep your knife Sharp. A quick note.

Keeping a decent edge on your knife or maintaining a good sharp
blade is important for many reasons.

One of which is if you generally maintain your knife's edge on a regular
basis on a  water or oil stone the next time you need to use it as a
cutting tool your knife will be ready to perform for you.

All the better a carbon steel knife such as 1095 (the steel I use)
can be touched up very easily.  For example if your hunting in the back
country and you need to use your knife on game even though the steel
I use is very easy to re-sharpen your blade is ready for
action before hand.

Another point to add to the above.  If you keep your knife sharp with
say a medium grit stone the less work you will have to do to bring the
edge back to life.  For example.  If it has been a very long time since
you sharpened your knife and it is very dull the coarser the stone you will
need to start your sharpening process with.  If on the other hand you touch
your edge up once and awhile the easier it is to maintain.

Another good reason for maintaining a good edge.  A dull knife or a knife's
edge that needs a sharpening can become more dangerous that a blade with
a sharp edge.  If your blade is dull and you are exerting more force on the
knife or blade than needed, more chance for an accident with the knife.

Just some thoughts.

Thank you all for reading

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  1. Many people forget these great tips. Matt, thank you very much to point out it.

    1. Thank you very much, glad you liked it.

      ML Knives

    2. Your book is perfect. Like all your knives ... It's always a pleasure.
      Philippe Lefèvre

    3. Thank you Philippe

      ML Knives