Monday, January 23, 2012

Patina, a beautiful thing

This post was originally done
on the February 3rd, 2009
Since my last post I mentioned I wanted to use this as a information place, to keep folks informed that may be new to custom knives or just trying to decide on what to order. Or you just love my knives. I often get asked about “patina” on one of my knives. What is patina? Actually patina is a form of oxidation. Controlled is the case with my “Patina and pattern aged blades.” Allot of people who love carbon steel blades find patina on a blade beautiful. I cant disagree, a patina blade to me is just beautiful.
Some like to patina there blades naturally, cutting high acidic foods, apples, potatoes, Mustard or however they choose to get this effect It does not only look very nice on a blade, but also forms sort of a protective coating on a carbon steel blade. Either way patina or no patina, a few drop of mineral oil on your blade and your good to go.
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