Monday, January 23, 2012

Tiger Maple on a forged knife

Originally Posted on the February 15th, 2009
Tiger Maple is a very beautiful wood. Also one of my favorites to use for handle material. It is often referred to as many different things such as. Flame Maple, fiddle back maple, figured maple, curly maple, fancy maple and so on. Personally I simply call it “Tiger Maple.”

No doubt this is a figured wood no matter how you look at it or call it. Tiger maple grows in a distinctive wave pattern. Although It is questioned by some what exactly causes this figure, it is not exactly clear what causes this effect in the wood but when tiger maple is cross cut a striping is exposed that is very nice.

This wood is very durable and has been used for many years in the making of many things. Through the years gun stocks, tomahawk handles, game calls, guitar body's, pool cues, and more have been made from this wood. During the 18th century large amounts of furniture left the shops of talented craftsmen produced from this wood.

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