Monday, January 23, 2012

The steel I use by Matt Lesniewski ML Knives

This post was originally done
 on the March 15th, 2009
When I started this blog I wanted it to be mostly a learning center for my work, and information on what I do. Thinking and Answering some of the questions I get from time to time, this is a great way of reference. So I wanted to talk a bit about the steel I use (mainly). 1095 high carbon.
On occasion I will use another high carbon steel other than 1095 such as 5160, L6, an antique file and so on. If I do make a knife form a steel other than 1095 It will be know on my website.
The reasons I use 1095 in my opinion it is a great hold up steel, I know how it acts, re-acts under the hammer and importantly I know how to heat treat it. Not to mention the ease of re-sharpening when need be in the field or at home. Don't forget about the beautiful patina this steel will acquire as well. I thank you for stopping by
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