Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pocket Knives with a Fixed blade

Back in 2009 I wrote an article for my blog called.  "Pocket Knives don't have to fold"

This is the revised version.  Hope you all enjoy.

When most people now a days think of pocket knife they automatically think of a
folding knife or maybe a lock back folder, one might even thick of the auto knife
or what I call thumb open knives.

If you remember back as a kid your grandfather probably always had a pocket
knife that he carried, usually with a jigged bone handle that didn't lock. 
(the old school jack knife) Those were great knives weren't they? I had one for
a long time when I was a younger and it went with me everywhere.  Many still
carry this style knife.

There are other options for pocket knife carry though.  Small fixed blades such
as the knives shown below can be carried in your pocket, pack, neck knife carry,
shooting bag, or even on your belt and are very handy for all sorts of cutting and
slicing chores.  Besides you will also have the strength of a full tang knife.

Carry knife set up to wear on the belt with a blade about 2 3/4" long
handle of bocote.

Last chance carry knife

Carry game knife with stag handle..blade about 2 3/4"
Sheath set up for belt, but can also be slipped into a pocket
bag, or pack.

A fixed blade knife you can carry with you every where is great.

Thank you
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