Sunday, May 26, 2013

Straight back Frontier style knife and a set of vintage knives

This week's post will feature recent custom work and a
photo of my vintage work.

First is this nice straight back classic design.  A knife of this
design has has many names attached to it through history.

It's straight back spine and just about 5 inch blade would
be an ideal set up for many uses.

The blade has some forge pattern as well as a medium patina.
Handle is very nice antiqued tiger maple.

Sheath hand stitched and set up high ride style with some
hand tooling and carving on the face.

Next is a group of knives I found looking through some older
photos.  This picture goes back to 2005 so all of the knives
were made about 8 year ago or so.
Thought you would all enjoy seeing this.

Thank you
ML Knives


  1. I like that dual-edge dagger in the bottom picture. Are those knives that you made?

    1. Thank you. appreciated. Yes all these knives I made in my shop.

      ML Knives