Sunday, March 24, 2013

Custom Spear Point Knife

Recent custom knife work, of a beautiful spear point.

This knife was special ordered with a beefed up 3/16" spine
stag and (white liners).

The blade is pattern and patina aged and is about 5 inches
long with some nice file work.

Sheath was hand stitched.

I have a good collection of photos I have taken on hikes and woods
journeys here is another one.

Also If you would like to know or get a heads up when new knives are available
for sale in one of the available knife galleries It will not only be posted on the website
but will post it on twitter.   Will also post info and sneak peaks of in works photos
available leather pieces and more as I can.  The picture below will bring you to
the page.

thank you
Matt ML Knives

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