Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Big Knife..Handling and Carry options.Part1

I wrote and article awhile back about large knives in early America
since then and for a long while I have been thinking about
writing another on large knives and ways to carry them, and work with

Carrying a large knife is very common for me as it was many years
ago for so many.  My one main large knife carry is still my old original
Hudson bay style camp knife.  It has been around for years now
and I have not been easy on it but it is still a great knife.  Every
ding I put in the handle and  each section of new patina
is just added to the history and character of the knife.  When
I need it or want to carry it I grab it and know it is comfortable
in my hands and I can count on it.

My Personal original Hudson bay..keeps on going.

One of the main questions I will get asked about large knives is
"What is the best way to carry the knife or what do you recommend?"

For most new knife users I will either go with the high ride set up
and if this isn't settling well I will mention the standard fold over
with a belt loop.  Both will work great it is just a matter of what
someone likes and if your new to knives you may not have an idea
of this yet.

If your a long time knife user more often than not you will know exactly
how you like to wear your knife.

Keep in mind  as well a large sized knife can be used for many daily
tasks especially around camp, everything from the cook pot to
fire making and even defense.

Part 2 Coming soon.

The original  large knives article can be viewed here
Large Knives Were Common in Early America

Thank you
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