Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hard Using White Oak and some kepharts

Handle material selection on a custom knife can sometimes
be hard for someone to choose, especially if it's your first
custom or your not familiar with certain hardwoods, or
all you have is plastic handled knives.

If you love traditional knives, guns, bows or you just
love traditional style work there are many hard woods
to pick from, Tiger Maple is one of my favorites and
holds up well, as well as black walnut.  If you had
watched some of my videos you have seen my
old Hudson bay camp knives that I made years ago
and it has a black walnut handle and is still going
strong.  Hickory is very durable as well as Ash wood
and red oak, the list goes on.

Stag is very nice and another topic all together
this post is focused on wood.

Sometimes White oak gets over looked or
forgotten about. 

This wood is very durable
and dense as well and has been used for many
years in furniture building, construction
of large ships, timber frame buildings and more.

Below is one of my Bush hunting and survival knives
(Model 257)...with an extended 5 inch blade,
antiqued white oak handle.

Kephart group shot, Top knife is tiger maple,
center kephart, green canvas micarta and the last
kephart is antiqued black walnut.

Thank you
ML Knives

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