Monday, May 21, 2012

A Vintage Style Bowie Knife

This was a recently completed vintage style bowie knife
that left my shop.

Here is some info on this Bowie. 
The blade was about 10 1/2" long with a very nice
patina aged finish and forged steel guard.  The forward
part of the blade was tapered.

The handle is tiger maple set up in a 5 pin fashion.
the sheath was antiqued a darker brown and hand
stitched set up to be worn high.

Also most of you who have followed my work know I share the same
love as all of you for being outdoors, being in the woods, hunting,
fishing, and so on. 

As I can I like to post pics and info on some of my other adventures
and passions.  Maybe even add a separate page on the blog for
this in the future.    Anyway.  On a recent walk with my wife about 5
minutes from my house a local farmer had a flock of geese sitting in one
of his fields. 

The funny thing is all the geese seemed as if they were pointing in one
direction as if they were all looking at something and never did turn around. 
Wish I had a better picture, but the best I could get is below.

thank you
ML Knives

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