Sunday, June 17, 2012

Large Bladed Butcher/Scalper Knife Custom

It would have been nice to see this on video, but I didn't
have the time before I boxed it up for a custom order.

The sweeping  10 1/4" curve on this blade was excellent,
felt great in hand and would serve not only for a great
butcher knife and more.  You can see from the picture
the blade was patina aged as well.

The handle is tiger maple with a ball end grip 3 brass

Sheath was hand stitched and set up to be worn high
for a left hand cross draw.

I had some time to do a little fishing and thought you would like to see
a couple pictures.  Small mouth bass, at a smaller size but they put
up a decent fight.

Thank you
Happy Fathers Day.
ML Knives

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