Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Versatility of a Woods Bag...Also known as the Possible Bag

How many things can a good side bag be used for in the woods?

I carry one every time I enter the woods, either my leather bag
or my ditty, and or a haversack.

my personal bags and knives
to and bottom pics.

Traditionally a possible bag was used for
carrying essentials for a long gun, along
with maybe a folding knife, and some
personals, a fire steel a pinch of tobacco

But a bag on your side traditionally made
can also be used to carry many things. 

For example, maybe your survival kit, a
small map, a few of those cereal bars, a
fire kit, some jewt cord, compass, ammo
for your firearm, a small sharpening stone. 
The list goes on and depending on the size
of your bag or bags you would be surprised
the ease of carrying more than one bag.

One of the last hikes  I took I carried 3 bags
 and to me it was easier than carrying a pack.

Don't get me wrong you still can haul allot
more on your back in a canvas pack but if
you can get a good deal into 3 bags.

See the pic below of me with a 3 bag set up and my old walking stick.  My leather
bag is behind me, ditty on the right and haversack on the left.  Bags were packed
pretty even and the weight distributed between the 3 made wearing them criss
cross and one on the back a fairly easy 10 mile hike.

Below is one of my bags from past work.  As all my bags everything is hand worked.
From cutting the leather to stitching them by hand.  This one had a lined linen flap
with some fringing around the edge.  This bag was about 9 1/4" tall
with an inside pocket.

Thank you

ML Knives

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