Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fighter Style knife with Horizontal Belt Sheath

Recent custom work below is a shorter style Fighter.

The design of this this blade would also be well suited for
many things such as hunting, and wilderness work.

Some info on this custom.

Blade is about 4 1/4" with pattern and patina aging, the
beefed up 3/16" spine has file worked thumb stops.

The blade also has a tapered forward swedge that is about
2" in length.

The handle is carved black horn with brass pins and lanyard
hole.  The tang is also exposed at the back end about .25
you have seen this on some of my other knives.  The handle
length on this is about 4 1/2"

The sheath is distressed, black, hand stitched and set to
wear horizontal.

A recent trip into the wilderness I found what I thought was a unique
looking tree.  Attached a video.

Thank you
ML Knives