Sunday, January 27, 2013

Crown Stag Antler Knife Custom and Woods and Bush Knife Video

The knife posted below is a custom I did awhile ago.  The Antler
was a special piece to the gentleman that wanted the knife made.

I aged the antler and made him a special custom knife.

A blade of this style and shape has been around for many years
and can handle many tasks from hunting and skinning large
game to a use full tool around the cook pot!

The blade is over 4 inches long and forged 1095 high carbon

The handle is whitetail antler and the transition piece between
the handle and blade is hard sealed leather.

The sheath was hand stitched and aged a darker brown.

I also had been wanting to make a small video for awhile now of the woods and bush
knife I make in hand so It's posted below.  You are seeing it before the sheath and
custom hand braided leather lanyard.

Thank you Matt
ML Knives

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