Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Large Knife and Some thoughts On Carry

For some A large knife is something you wouldn't carry in
the woods, only something you would use maybe in your kitchen.

Well...I am going to give some of my thoughts and opinions
on larger knives.

Large knives have been carried for many years, and once you
get used to carrying one or become proficient with one you
may want to consider having, packing or carrying at least
one larger knife that has a bit of heft to it.

If your worried about carrying a large knife because of weight
or just don't want something with say an 8 inch blade or
so weighing you down, there is more than one way to carry
a big blade with almost any kind of sheath.

A simple way is to tuck the knife in its sheath at a semi cant
in the back or front of your belt.  Better yet if you have a high
ride sheath you can angle the knife and cross draw it as well.

Another simple way is to carry a large knife in your pack,
or attached to your pack if you carry one.
For years I have lashed my larger Hudson bay camp knife
to one of my side bags and carried it without an issue.
Still do carry it this way at times.

Camp tools such as a large knife can be handy as well for
helping with making kindling, making stakes for a shelter,
de-limbing larger branches with ease, you can also thump
the blade of you large knife in a stump and use it to debark
a branch or larger sized branches or to make some smaller
sized tinder for fire.

Batoning can be easier with a big knife, if needed and yes
a big knife is great in the kitchen, no doubt about that.

One other thought, a large blade can also be your
best friend when you might come across a last resort
situation.  It will never run out of ammo and if your
large knife has some heft to it can be used more than
one way than blade end.

The Knife below was a recent custom with an antiqued
elk stag handle, 9 inch pattern and patina aged blade.
Pins are brass over brass washers and this has been
set up with an aged hand stitched high ride sheath.

Thank you
ML Knives


  1. Matt,

    Great blog. I own one of your 10" Camp knives and carry it on my pack in the woods. One of the best tools I own.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Marc...

      Thank you, always appreciated.

      all the best to you.

      ML Knives

  2. How much for the above 9" stag handle knife as shown??? Please let me know..Thanks Again, TJ

  3. Hi TJ,
    Send me over an email for pricing .