Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beavertail Hunting and Skinning knife....Sheath work Info

This is one of my custom order Beavertail Hunting and skinning

This one was ordered with a custom ferro rod to go with
the sheath.

The blade on these have a cross forged pattern as well as
the rear steel but end of the knife.  The spine is also file
worked (jimped).

Handle is Tiger maple with large brass pins and the
sheath was hand stitched with free hand tooled and carved
work on the face.

Sheath work Information.
As most of you know I  make knives for a living and also do a
deal of leather work.   All of my sheaths are hand worked and hand stitched by me.

I also stitch sheaths for other knives when I am asked.  I get a fair amount of
requests for sheath and custom leather tooling work.  Keep in mind if you
want me make a sheath for any knife I do need the knife shipped to me so I
can wet form the leather to the knife.  Nothing else will work, cardboard
cut outs, tracings wont make for a decent sheath.
A link to my sheaths page 
A link to my Available leather work page (Updated often)

Thank you
ML Knives


  1. I'm the lucky owner of the Beavertail Hunter. It arrived only last week, simply a beautiful forged knife and custom made sheath.


    1. Thank you very much Ross...

      ML Knives