Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Set of Belt Knives

This set was recently completed for a custom order.

All three knives have a blade designs that are early in style
and will handle a good deal of work in the back country.

The blades on these are about 8 inches long with pattern
and patina aging.

The handles are beautiful tiger maple with larger sized
brass pins.

All three knives were also made with beefed up 3/16 " spines.

All three sheath were hand stitched and made to wear high
to be cross drawn.  The sheath's also have custom tooling
on the face.

Thank you
ML Knives


  1. Hi Matt,
    I'm fortunate recipient of one of these beautiful knives that my son had you make for us.

    Very nice work..................thank you
    Tom Baldwin Sr
    Vancouver, Canada

  2. Hello Tom:

    Thank you very much.

    ML Knives