Sunday, January 26, 2014

Drop point with cottonwood burl and a Neck Knife Fire Steel Set

This week I have two knives to show you one is with a
fire set.

The first was a custom order set.

First is a drop point with a blade a little a hair under 4"
with a pattern aged finish

The handle is cottonwood burl with brass pins.

The spine was hand file worked and sheath was
hand stitched as well and antiqued in a medium

The Second piece is custom made as well.
The entire set up is to be worn as a neck set up that has a small thin
handled knife with a short blade that has been file worked.
The set also has a forged C-Steel and custom antler ferro rod
 The small knife fits in the back of the sheath piggy back style.

Also, something else that I do is write and I just
released a fiction book you might like.
called  PIKERS HUNT.

Its available on Amazon
only in 2 formats.
E-book kindle.
Book has
some strong Language

Thank you

ML Knives


  1. Nice to find your blog with valuable information.

    1. Awesome knives Matt. I love the drop point. The patina and cottonwood look great together. Can't wait till my order comes up.

      I also just read Pikers Hunt. I really got into the plot and enjoyed the character development. What a great story and your descriptive details match the work you do on your knives, leather work, and art. I highly recommend this book and can't wait for you to publish another one.

    2. Hi Chris:

      Thank you very much, appreciated that.
      I am almost there on your order. I will be sure to email you when I get that going.

      Thank you, I am happy you Enjoyed Pikers Hunt, I have several more books/stories that will be published.
      Appreciate the recommendation.

      Thanks again Chris and all the best .