Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wilderness Neck Knife and a set of Fire Steels

This custom order Neck knife will make a great companion
in the wilderness.

Overall this is about a 7 inch knife with a really nice patina
aged blade.  Handle is some really beautiful Tiger maple
with large brass pins.

I custom made a slimmer ferro rod for the neck carry option
and it fits right next to the knife on the sheath.

Both of the Fire steels were forged from stout steel in my shop
and are tempered to throw some nice sparks.

Some of you have asked me in the past about some of the leather tools and knives
I use in making sheaths and some of the leather work I do.

Below is one of my custom leather cutting tools I use everyday.  I forged this in my
shop and it works great.

I guess you could say this is a cross between a head knife and a mini ulu, without
a handle.  I have more control with it the way it is shaped and the size I find I can
use for most leather cutting.  The blade is about

Thank you
ML Knives

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