Sunday, August 26, 2012

Round knife blade restore

If you love old cutlery or vintage working tools then this is something
you will like to see.

This is an old Diston head knife, some call a round knife from the 1800's.
If you are passing by my blog or just don't know what a head knife
is this is a tool used for many years by leather workers for trimming
and cutting leather.  Diston made excellent saws as well.

What I did for this old tool was reground and re-sharpened the edge.
It is now stropped to a  razor sharp edge. If you look closely at one
of the pictures you will see the makers stamp still in the blade.

Everything else bolster and handle was left original.


Also here is a recent custom order from my shop.  This is one of my  Stag hunting
and field knives with about a 4 inch blade.  File worked spine and hand stitched
belt sheath.  I have more examples on Special order page 3 of my website.
This page will be updated with new photos soon.

Thank you
ML knives

Interesting tree I found.. 

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