Friday, September 28, 2012

A Decent Pack Basket..With the Hudson bay Camp Knife

Wandering through the woods, hiking and the like I love bringing
my side bag that you have all seen in my posts and on my website.
Nothing will replace it, as a matter of fact allot of time I wear 2
bags criss cross.

This being said I have been using a pack basket lately and I figured
I would give a shout out to the folks that made one for me and my wife.
(Also know as the Trapper's Basket)

The 2 pack baskets I had made were purchased from Ridgerunner's
Adirondack Pack Baskets. I will post the link to the website at the
end of this.

These baskets are hand woven from reed, not from pounded ash.  They
are decently made and stout enough to handle a trip through the thick back
country.  I have used mine as well as my wife without any trouble at all.

I have mine packed with everything I think I may need for a day (or
longer in the woods).

My pack basket is on the right and is the Medium sized basket 18" tall.  My
Hudson bay camp knife is shown by the basket and should give
you a good idea of the size as the blade is 8" long on my camp knife.
One of my personal knives next to the Hudson has about a 4" blade.

The Basket on the left is my wife's the youth basket 15" tall.  I would say
either sized basket would work well for a full grown man, just depends
on what you want to pack in it and what your needs are.

Both Baskets have cotton webbing straps and are fully adjustable.
These baskets can be ordered natural or stained.  I picked the natural
and I will let nature age it and get all kinds of good patina going on it.

My Hudson Bay Camp knife inside the pack basket should give you a good idea of the opening size

Now for how the pack basket works out in the wild.  I have found that wearing this
pack basket is very comfortable.  The reed kinda forms to your back when you put
it on and get trudging through the thick brush, and I didn't seem to have much of an
issue with this hanging up on thick brush as I thought it might.  These are also very
stout and durable like I mentioned above, don't get me wrong I don't think you could
do a dance on the basket without destroying it, but for what I put it through it seems
to hold up fine.

I also find it very easy to get to things I have packed in the basket, no need to unzip
zippers or fumble around with pockets and if you find something in the woods like a
neat old stone just throw it in the back and your good to go. Also with the weight I
had in it at one point I didn't find this basket breaking down in any way. I would say
I have a good 25 pounds in it or even more.

You might be thinking, that sounds great but what about a down pour?   I have found
a simple answer to this.  Although plastic zip bags aren't traditional, they work good
to store everything that could get damaged or ruined in rain.   Another solution that
I will probably make in the future is a well oiled leather top.

Nothing more needs to be added here.  I just thought a decent made item needed to
be shared.  If you love traditional gear you may want to give a pack basket a try.

Bottom side of the pack basket.

The website for
Ridgerunner's Adirondack Pack Baskets

Thank you

ML Knives

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