Sunday, December 30, 2012

Large Game Hunting Skinner. More Pictures

This week I am posting an additional picture of a knife
that was posted for sale on available knives gallery 1
that was sold.

When a knife is sold from the site there isn't a way to
see pictures of it any long, so this is a way I can post
pics if you want to see more of the knife.

I also have more pictures I will posting on Flickr.
and below you can see a slide show by clicking the
play button or you can go directly to my flickr
page by clicking the link below.

This knife's blade is about 4 1/8" long and has a wide
belly at about 1 1/2".   The top spine/tapered swedge of
the blade is about 2 1/4" long.  File worked spine and some
very nice Tiger maple.  Sheath was hand stitched
and has some very nice carving and tooling on the face.

Thank you very much for following my work,
posts and website.

You all have a great New Year.

ML Knives


  1. Got the knife! It's actually nicer in person Matt! Fits my hand and my knife style to the T! Thanks again! Andy

    1. Andy, Thank you so much. Enjoy the knife.
      all the best.

      ML Knives