Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vintage Custom Knife years Later

This knife you may have seen posted before,  This is one
of my wife's personal knives.  Most of the work this knife
sees is in the kitchen, with once in awhile a fresh water fish.

At this point I cant remember exactly how old this knife and
sheath is, but it's older than ten years.  Closer to eleven.

This knife has seen many years of service and wanted to
show you how well it has aged, including the hand stitched sheath.

The blade on this is about 4 1/2" long.  Handle a bit shorter
than that.  The handle material is bird's eye maple and it
has aged very nice.  The pins are rustic steel pinned.

The sheath on this piece was hand stitched with very old
bark tanned leather that came from the old Muir and Macdonald
Tannery that is no longer in operation.

Also I have started uploading knife pictures  up to Flickr.  I will keep this updated.
Some of these pics are pictures not seen anywhere else, so If you want to
have a look here is the link.
ML Knives on Flickr

Thank you
ML Knives

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