Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Secret of Knife Making..and Business

Okay so I get asked this question all the time, especially from
people wanting to start making knives or having the idea
of knife making.  Or someone might want to make
knife making their business.

"What did you do to start, or how did you start your 

I could probaly write a book just on this topic
of running a small business.

When I started making knives full time it was a huge risk
just like starting any other business and still is.

There are many things to consider (I wont go into all
of these things in this post).

Nothing is easy or free.  It is a full time 110% dedication
and if you have no passion about what your doing.
DO NOT..even try it.
You will work many seven day weeks, and many long hours
and if you don't than you need to be.

I quit a full time job I held for eleven years with full time
benefits and risked it all.

There are more things to consider besides just the act of making
knives.  Don't get me wrong this is my main Passion and love
it very much.  But when you run any full time business there
are many considerations especially if you have a family or
other people to support.

If I get time in the future I will post more on this topic.

Thank you

ML Knives

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